Rediscover Beauty

If you look at someone long enough and pay attention, you will see their beauty.  It’s true.  Our eyes are trained to scan for conventional beauty that is programmed into our perceptions.  But, what about the uncommon beauty?  So often it is there and we miss it.  I am sharing this with you because I keep noticing it as I teach yoga to so many different people.  And I’m telling you, I see beauty everywhere.  (Not just at Equinox in West Hollywood).  I see it in a physical form on a regular basis and I am charmed when I sense it in the subtle body.

The shift that needs to happen is in the critical mind of what defines beauty.  Okay, sure, there is something to be said for geometry of the body and I’m sure Vitruvius and Da Vinci could probably explain it better, but consider the fact that there is beauty to be discovered in our imperfections.  A new world awaits all of us.  It is vastly larger than our often limited thought can imagine. We only need wake up to this.  Good genes are great.  Taking actions that create health and balance and cultivate truth and love are even better. 

The overweight or underweight person needs love, not judgment.  The person who saw the really bad plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills needs love, not judgment.  The woman who wears too much make up to a spin class needs love, not judgment.  The person who’s too short, too tall, has thinning hair ...they all need love, not judgment.  

Time will keep passing and all of this will change, except our ability to love.