Listening to your voice:  A Detox Journey


As a teacher, I get to witness people show up to the mat.  And I get to watch them change over time.  These bodies.  These souls.  The weight they shed is both external & internal.  It is such a gift to take the teachers’ seat and witness this transformation.  It begins with a willingness to show up.  To change and grow.  This "core shift" is what inspires me to lead the Detox Yoga Retreat I do every year and I am thrilled to announce our summertime dates in Ojai, August 12-14, 2016!

If you have a voice inside of you telling you that you need to change something or release something... maybe you've heard that voice before.  Maybe you adapt to the discomfort of not changing.  Things seem better.  Oh, but that voice.  It comes back.  Perhaps you have resolved to change that very thing... again.  But, then something happens and you've found a way to adapt to the discomfort of the “tox” and it gets better.  (For awhile).  We carry the weight.  The kind of weight that can cause one to avert their eyes from human contact and sink into a disconnected state (i.e. check the phone).  And then that voice comes back.  But, you've done all these things.  You may have a shelf full of books on what to do, you’ve seen Marianne Williamson, you drink cold pressed green juice.  You put turmeric in everything now.  Everything.  What gives?  

The Detox process is actionable.  It’s not intellectual.  And it requires something more than what you can buy at a health food store.  The process can be uncomfortable, but on the other side is a deep, lasting joy.

Your voice has the answers.  It's trying to guide you.  That voice wants you well.  That voice wants you living to your true potential and able to access joy and peace inside of you.  We can shut it down with many manipulations.  But, it's there.  Just waiting for you to listen.  And take action.  To remember your Self and take true care.  The yoga practice is an opportunity to re-align with the true Self and listen.  Yoga is truly the cessation of the mind chatter and the alignment to breath.  The breath wants you well.  And it wants you well through all of the ebbs and flows of life.  Your voice can guide you there.  

Listen to your voice.