Overnight Detox Challenge

a digital detox for the mind & body



  1. Digital Detox AM -  Every morning, as you wake up, be sure to meditate before engaging in any apps, social media, e-mail or texting.  Apart from opening a meditation app you might use to help guide you, resist the urge to look at anything until after you meditate.
  2. ‘Yoga Wake Up’ App — This app serves as both your alarm clock that then guides you straight into a guided meditation, some offer yoga as well.  I created two guided meditations on this phenomenal app.   ‘Dream Big’ Intention Setting is perfect for creating positive focus in your day.  ‘Oh, That Sense of Security’ is great for regulating stress chemistry that may be building in our bodies just from, well you know, every-freaking-thing.
  3. ‘Insight Timer’ App — Again, this is just really great if you would like to have your own meditation practice and like to have a timer -- and to feel a part of a community.  It provides a feeling of accountability, too.
  4. Focus on what you are grateful for today.


  1. Digital Detox PM - Before you go to sleep, spend a minimum of 30 minutes without looking at any screens.  Set your alarm and put the phone down or turn it on airport mode.  Apart from allowing an app to play a meditation or sound to transition you to sleep, do not engage with your phone in any way. 
  2. As you go to Sleep - close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths and literally say to yourself, “I am allowing myself to rest now.” 
  3. Try my supported Sleep Meditation.
  4. ‘Insight Timer’ App — an excellent app I use when I need to create a buffer of ambient music as a way to disengage from my phone.  This app is also great for setting a timer for your morning meditation if you have a meditation practice and do not need the assistance of guided meditations.
  5. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a racing mind, go back to your mantra of letting yourself rest. 

Tools For Meditation