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Private Yoga


Personally curated session includes yoga that meets your body, your needs.  Alex creates a one of kind practice with her students that includes everything from yoga & meditation to sound healing & reiki. 


For the student seeking a regular practice plus off the mat support to reset mind and body, this package includes a lifestyle assessment to re-align your practice with your nutritional needs.  Twice-weekly Bliss practice plus weekly 15 minute phone consultation.

Sessions are suggested twice weekly | Packages of ten |  24 hr notice to reschedule

At a particularly vulnerable period in my life, I decided I needed to change. I hoped yoga would contribute to a more present, strong, and connected way of being. After ten years of working privately with Alex, I can reflect on the importance of yoga in my growth and attribute much of it’s value to her style of teaching and being. Alex brings a professional, knowledgable, and attuned air to her instruction. She strikes an important balance between the spiritual and physical sides of the yoga practice. Yoga with Alex isn’t just a yoga class in your home - it’s tailored to each individual’s specific desires.
— Allison (client for 10 years)


Corporate Yoga


Definitely one of the best kept secrets to increasing productivity at work is yoga. While also a huge stress reliever and community builder, taking time to go your mat actually improves the function of your company.

As they say, if you are too busy to meditate,

then take an hour and meditate.

I have trouble finding time for yoga outside the office, so it’s an incredible luxury to have a teacher like Alex and to share a small, focused class where we can can stretch, laugh, and try new things. It’s my time of practice in the workday, and I like that we support that here.
— Sam, Engineering at Factual (client for 7 years)

Corporate Retreats

Take your company retreat to a whole new level of connection. Alex will create an atmosphere of community while also offering a practice that is like medicine for reducing stress in our body. Yoga is a powerful practice to connect us to our most powerful essence and to expand our capacity for compassion and unlimited creative potential.



Make a Commitment

Alex has worked with most of her clients for many years. She works with clients twice/week. Private sessions last 1 hour and you can e-mail Alex to inquire about rates and scheduling. Clients book ten sessions in advance and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.