Bhakti Yoga Fusion with Alex Dawson & Tony Khalife

Saturday November 7, 2015

2pm at Wanderlust Hollywood

$40 early / $50 advance

Join us for a heart opening, healing yoga practice where movement meets sound.  This workshop will focus on:

  • Opening the heart and voice through the use of sound vibration.
  • Igniting creativity inside of you.
  • Healing and resolving energetic imbalances in the body.

We will teach you “seed mantras” and how to use them in a vinyasa practice. Tony Khalife, Vedic scholar and multi-instrumentalist, will play live music for us during the flow as Alex Dawson guides the practice. Following the vinyasa portion of this workshop, we will lead you in call and response chanting as we finish with a sure to be spirited, Kirtan.


Are you the yogi who loves the physical part of practice or are you someone who loves chanting and would rather be on a bolster?  This is where we get in the sandbox together and find our common ground. It is in the heart. It connects us all. The way to get there is in sound and body and a desire to come together. 

What is Bhakti?

Bhakiti is a heart opening, healing yoga practice. Some call it devotional yoga.  However we interpret Bhakti, it works on us in a very deep way because we will be using sound and movement to open and heal the physical and emotional body as we re-align to our truest essence of grace.   There is a foundational aspect of love inside all of us.  It is spacious.  We only need tap into what is already there.  Join us!  Please share this with friends, people you love, people who need it... let's come together!