Getting Older, Feeling Younger

Private Yoga Highlight | Father + Daughter Yoga with Jim and Maeve  


Why I love this so much.  Cultivating shared experiences that promote well-being is a powerful way to bond with our loved ones.  When I meditate or practice with someone I am close to, I find it to be such a joyful way to connect and realign our energy together.   And as we get older, I see in my clients how yoga brings three very real benefits in their life.  So to bring a parent to your practice is truly a gift for all.  We start getting older sure, but we're feeling and looking younger.  Here's what's happening:

Healthy Cells.  Filling our body with life force and regulating the breath allows the body to regenerate healthy cells. 

Balance.  It is so important that as we age, we have the agility to go from standing to sitting to being on the floor and back up again.  I had a client years ago tell me that our private yoga practice saved him from a severe

injury when he started to lose his balance as he was getting off of a ski lift.  

Peace of Mind.  Our bodies are patiently waiting for us to pay attention to them.  With a mindful yoga practice, in time we can shed layers of stress that is covering our essential Wisdom that knows peace.  It’s already there.

There are so many yoga teachers now — thank goodness.  Share this with your loved ones.  And to schedule a private with me, direct message me.  I have room for two clients right now.