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Bio for Alex

Alex began teaching in 2002 to Kathleen Turner and the Broadway cast of 'The Graduate.'  She had just applied for teacher training in New York, and the opportunity came up before she began that training. This was one of those pivotal moments where life presented a path-guiding opportunity and she took it.  Alex brought in everything she had learned in her personal yoga practice (hatha, vinyasa, and led ashtanga) as well as her Power Pilates mat certification.  

So there she was teaching her first class on a Broadway stage.  It was Alex, Kathleen Turner, and a cheat sheet under her yoga mat.  Sometimes, life brings us to our purpose.   Little did she know, it would set the foundation for her style of teaching.  Listening to her students’ needs based on their behavior, and then shaping the dynamic of the group energy through the use of asanas (physical poses) and yoga philosophy is what interests Alex the most. 

Soon after, Alex trained at Sonic Yoga in Manhattan.   She's done intensive workshop study with Shiva Rea, Max Strom, and Mark Whitwell, all of whom had great impact on her as a teacher.  Alex explored  Vipassana meditation and did the incredibly powerful 10 day silent retreat as taught by S.K. Goenka.  Currently, she practices Vedic meditation which she learned from Thom Knoles.  Alex sees value in many forms of yoga and meditation and considers herself a yoga mutt.    She is a purist only in the sense that yoga is about the breath no matter what “style” we are practicing.   

Alex's personal yoga practice has mostly been Vinyasa with a few years of Mysore Ashtanga and a daily practice of Vedic meditation.   Her greatest teacher is and will always be her students -- and life.

Now, years later, Alex is based in Los Angeles and teaches at Wanderlust Hollywood and Equinox.  She travels worldwide to lead yoga retreats.   Next up is her New Year's Retreat in Mexico toasting in 2018.  Alex was also a lead in the New York Times featured webseries ‘Namaste, Bitches,’ but she swears, it’s not like that.  (At least not in her class). 


Alex has led Bhakti Yoga Fusion workshops with Vedic-scholar, Tony Khalife at Wanderlust and YogaWorks.  She has also co-led a Deeply Relaxing restorative workshop at Equinox.

Retreats, a personal mission

Alex has led yoga retreats and workshops in Sicily, Mexico, Hawaii, New York, and Ojai, CA.  Part of her mission with teaching yoga retreats is to create events that will give back to various causes that are in need.  This mission began in 2005 right after the tsunami hit Indonesia.   Alex realized then that part of her purpose as a yoga teacher was to start her Peace for Relief efforts and to raise money and awareness through the healing power of yoga.  Since then, Alex has raised money for various causes including Breast Cancer, Save Darfur, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Haiti, and Women for Women International.

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Become a Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and supporting Alex Dawson Yoga so that she can continue to give back in a bigger way, please contact her directly.  Alex is grateful to have had such generous product sponsors for her past retreats including  the Clean Program, This Bar Saves Lives, Vita Coco, Kind Snacks, Aquiesse Candles, Hail Merry, Bumble Bars, and Skin Worldwide.