Sound Body Flow at Le Tigre Yoga Academy, Paris

5 November | The Flow State, 6pm (18:00)

Join Los Angeles based teacher Alex Dawson and world renowned DJ Yotam Agam for a unique three part vibrational experience at Le Tigre Yoga in Paris. This 1st session is designed to re-calibrate the rhythms of the heart as you flow to a beat that will take you deep into the Flow State. It is in the Flow State that we connect to the deeper mysteries and power of the universe, allowing us to tap into the Unlimited Creative Potential, both as an individual and, more importantly, as a collective. The physical flow will explore your capacity to twist and detoxify the internal body and free up the vibrational flow inside you. Come prepared for a vinyasa style practice, vibrational meditation, chanting & sound healing with quartz alchemy bowls.

7 November | The Code of Light, 6pm (18:00)

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, over-whelmed, over-worked or over-swiped, this one is for you. There is a phenomenal amount of energy inside of us at all times. This energy is often closed off and untapped. In part two, we will unlock the ‘code of light’ and experience the divine power of the Gayatri mantra. This mantra invokes our highest potential, asking us to courageously release old ideas. Our vinyasa flow will take us to a deep release in the hips and shift the vibrational holding around the heart. Putting pen to paper, we will identify the elements that have been closing us off. As we move through practice, we will allow those experiences to transform inside of us, clearing space to live in in the Light Body. Come prepared for a brief writing session followed by a vinyasa style practice, chanting & sound healing with crystal quartz alchemy bowls.

9 November | Transforming the Immune System, 10am

Connect to the subtle body while exfoliating lodged “samskaras” or patterns from the physical body in this dynamic yoga flow workshop. In this 3rd and last part, taught by Alex only, you will raise your physical and mental vibration as way to transform your immune system. Moving into a vinyasa flow sequence focusing on contraction and expansion, this workshop will build on the previous two themes and provide you with a transformational experience, sure to leave you feeling high. When we vibrate at a higher frequency, we change the environment of the entire body system. This transformation is key to support a healthy immune system. Come prepared for a vinyasa style practice, chanting, breathwork & sound healing with crystal quartz alchemy bowls.

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