And Then This Happened...



Yoga Ambush at Griffith Park.

Starting off the 30 Day Challenge today, I decided to take my practice outside near the Observatory at Griffith Park.  I hiked up with my yoga mat and found a spot that was a little bit off the path.  It was one of those gifts to myself where I wasn’t sure it was really a gift.  I mean, it sounds so good in my head, but did I really feel like doing yoga outside on such a beautiful day?  The paradox of resisting things that I know will make me feel good still exists so I decided to challenge the resistance and do it anyway.  The practice felt amazing.  It was surprisingly quiet and the breath re-balanced me in a way I only find when I practice.

And then it happened.

I heard some people gathering around a picnic table nearby.  And by people, I mean a family of about thirty.  I heard these little voices crying out “yoga!” with an hispanic accent.  I also heard them saying they were hungry.  Part of me suspected they were not literally hungry for food.  So often we reach for food to fill something else, a desire to connect perhaps?  

So I ended up doing a little yoga ambush with a bunch of kids from ages 6-13.  They don’t have yoga at their schools, but they knew what I was doing.  Suddenly, they weren’t so hungry.  They just wanted to learn more poses.  I taught them tree pose.  I taught them triangle.  I taught them ujjayi breath.  And they could pronounce uddiyana bandha without hesitation.  They were hungry for something else.  And suddenly I realized what a profound gift I had indeed given to myself.

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